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Recommended to use a WoW power leveling guide


Warriors are the traditional tank of WoW, they are are excellent at pulling, taunting, melee damaging, and of course tanking. The Warrior class is one of the top melee dps characters you can choose to play. While Warriors are naturally good at surviving with high amounts of hit points, it’s still important to learn how to properly spec and play.

It’s highly recommended to use a WoW power leveling guide.Following the recommendations in the warrior guide can have you climbing the leveling ladder faster than you ever thought to be possible. The World of Warcraft Warrior guide was created by professional gamers that know all the ins and outs of playing Warcraft and have years of learning all the tricks. It will tell you the information step by step, so you’ll be able to level your warrior to level 90 within 1 week of playing time.

All you have to do is follow the arrow and check the guide (with its in-game window) to see what you have to do. You’ll knock off the quests boom, boom, boom and you’ll level with a surprising lack of stress.

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Essential to new players WOW power leveling

Why do people want to jump straight to 90? These are most likely people who are raiding who want to play alts but can’t be bothered spending hours and hours going back through all that content again. Someone who isn’t playing end game would presumably want to actually play the game they’ve bought, and on top of that can still level another character to 90 with WoD. So it’s for people who want two or more alts.

We’re talking about the hardcore then. So this is trading time spent playing alts on the zones with time spent raiding. Where are these people going to be most valuable to the game? I would suggest it’s doing public dungeons/raids and making up the lower end organised raid groups, since they’re not essential to new players WOW power leveling and probably wouldn’t be filling the Barrens anyway as they’ll be power-levelling as fast as possible.

I would suggest that it’s in Blizzard’s interest to have hardcore raiders with level 90 alts then. They feed the in-game economy and keep the part of the game which requires other people populated. It’s not like they’re losing the subscription fee by speeding the process (unlike first-time players), because they’ll still be paying it regardless of what their character is doing.

What about the guys who already levelled a bunch of alts? They’re going to be pretty upset that someone else can just pay to emulate all the hard hours they put in. I don’t know if it would be enough to force them to leave, but bad feeling from those guys would probably filter down through the raiding guilds. I’m not sure how much Blizz care about that, but my guess is that’s what they’re talking about when they say they don’t want to devalue leveling.

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Searching for the secret gold guide

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