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The Secret Behind Runescape

“Is Runescape still?” Is a common sound in reporting news about the MMORPG from Jagex. Chances are that you’ve played the game in your browser (early) game live, so you understandably mad surprised of the fact that it is still very popular. “When we stand at a trade show, you see players who have played the game in the past always look surprised when they see us,” says David Osborne, Senior Narrative Designer Runescape. Benelux IGN spoke with Osborne in the development studio in Cambridge on the future of the MMORPG and searched for the answers behind the Runescape mystery. How this game can still be so successful?
It’s 2004 and my whole school was taken over by RuneScape. Breaks are spent at the computer and when a poker game, which happens to money from the virtual world. Even the PCs of the local library were constantly busy, because many children there were long hours of fishing, chopping trees and defeat goblins in the MMO browser game.
Runescape is still the most played in the browser, which is also the major reason why it has become so immensely popular, Osborne announced. “The accessibility is very important. Someone who grows up, the game in the libraries play on any computer or his parents can not because there is no save game. You never have to think about the specs of your computer, what you should do in other MMOs. You are assured that Runescape always works. ”

Now libraries also come with tablets in the weather and the new generation of children growing at such a large touch screen is available (especially the last reason), it is interesting to bring to Jagex Runescape to those devices. “We are working on it. It takes a lot of time to translate the complex interface, “said Osborne. It also looked at a console version, which is understandable even harder than a tablet edition. Osborne assures us that when it comes to Runescape these platforms, we will always play on the same server as the PC.
However, it is to wait before Runescape on the tablet or console appears, but that does not mean that players of the MMORPG can not look for other things. On the contrary, every week the knights and wizards in medieval game, new bug fixes, minigames and quests expect, as well as monthly story content that will take at around three hours. “We are fortunate that we can create content that is pretty cheap for us, but very appreciated by the community. There are not many games that month may cast a sequel to a story that many people care about. ”

Osborne refers here to MMOs like Star Wars: The Old Republic, which after the release of the game players in coming years, a continuation of the story. Another good comparison, Telltale games where a few months apart between each episode, which also takes around two to three hours, or The Elder Scrolls Online that after the first content update already indicated that it was difficult to get into one month new content to deliver that level is that players are used to. Runescape has these problems, because there is new content can be made easier with the quality expected by players Jagex MMO. The constant stream of new time-consuming things keeps the game fresh, allowing players to linger.
However, the British developer Jagex notice that more and more people become accustomed to the rich experiences such as a BioWare game. Therefore, the monthly amount will be in the first quarter of 2015 going up. Runescape you can still play for free, but if you want to have access to everything to offer the MMORPG has will have to pay each month.
With the extra money that is collected by raising the subscription fee will Jagex produce quests with higher production value, for example by adding voice acting and different choices. This shows that the developer wants to go with the times. At this time you will pay 6.95 euros per month for a membership and after the increase in the price will still not be equal to 13 euros per month which counts down your other MMOs.

If you do not necessarily want to play in a beautiful 3D world with high-end graphics, then the lower price bonus. Yet the community according to Osborne is the biggest reason that Runescape still has around 50,000 players per day. There are players that the game since its release on January 4, 2001 and play in elapsed years have developed a close relationship with other players. “Runescape is very social because you can easily chat with other players while you’re fishing. It creates strong links which is also reflected in our fanevenement RuneFest. We see the same faces every year, “says Osborne. He continues: “Players now have a choice whether they are a Runescape player or for example a World of Warcraft player, and will not go away soon.”
Interestingly enough Runescape according to Osborne sees no impact from the launch of a new triple-A MMO or expansion as Warlords of Draenor. What certainly are signs of a strong community and making the choice of Jagex to focus on more there is very clever. At present, more than half of the diagram of the developer focused on the community in the form of petitions. A good example is the 2007 server Runescape who has recently returned. More than 250,000 (now 450,000) people reported that they wanted to play in the older version of RuneScape and Jagex listened. Now you can play against a payment the more hardcore, nostalgic version of the MMORPG. Blizzard, you read it?
Runescape currently contains a weekly poll that assesses what the players want. A recent example is the question of whether people a great elven city or a new skill wanted. The first choice won since September, players with a high level Meeten between the elves.

Runescape is a very interesting game. It is unique in that playing it through the browser and still – almost fourteen years after the release – in some cases more players than other MMOs on the market. In 2012, there were tens of millions of new people to the game and that was before the launch of the polished Runescape 3. In addition to lots of new content in the form of quests, skills and areas that players can explore – Osborne announced more than six years narrative content have to lie – the brand Runescape will in the future be extended. Chronicle: Runescape Legends – a card game “that people compare Hearthstone but actually is very different,” says Osborne before I have to ask – should only be the beginning.
While new MMOs as Wild Star and The Elder Scrolls Online difficult to get off the ground, Runescape still enjoys a huge success. After the conversation with David Osborne I’m not only much more has been learned about this brilliant project that is good for a lot of personal memories game, but it has also brought back my interest. Gamers are opting rather gameplay over graphics and there Runescape also reaps the benefits. Because let’s be honest, there are few MMOs with such nostalgic factor and so much content to keep you busy. Especially freedom is very unique and we see less and less in today’s MMOs. It is not a simple walk through the campus of Cambridge to keep Runescape so popular; it remains an old game. I will follow with great interest the game for the next few years, because I have full confidence that Runescape is still as strong as now.

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