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Beta dirty bomb on the line

“Yes,” the orc said, “this serves nothing. Soon it will be time to awaken. Awaken, and move forward into this world once more.” He turned to the man, his eyes gleaming. “Walk again the path you have taken.”

Nexon’s free to play shooter, dirty bombs, today began open beta later, the name and all! Players will no longer need to pay for access, registration key win, they still want to score a key from the site. Anyone who wants to play can also download the Steam client and get started within a few hours.

Dirty bombs beta will allow players to control the start of 12 unique mercenaries, objective-based maps game 5, and began shortly after the beta has way more. Final preparations have begun a beta patch and added to the client list last night. For those of you have been playing, these fixes include:

Matchmaking is now only 1 zone at a time. This solves the problem, players can enter the game, they do not have the choice of a region.
Character lighting updated skin, make the team more easily identified.
He was awarded the task is not fixed the problem, if you have recently scrapped one.
Fixed issue with rank insignia icons is incorrect.
Fixed connection to a dating game cause errors.
Fixed an issue where if a player is banned from one server, they will try to connect through a friend, to be stuck on the loading screen.
Time to pick your favorite mercenary, and get in there! Let us know what you think the following game.

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