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Final Fantasy XIV: a realm reborn six million players celebrate milestone

When it was originally released, followed by itself is not published, many people believe that Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV is dead and buried, but they can not be wrong. Rebirth of the project, Final Fantasy 14: a realm reborn launched on the highly acclaimed, thousands flock to see the fantasy world of Eorzea to share their love Final Fantasy. Today, developer Square Enix announced that they are celebrating an impressive milestone, Final Fantasy 14: a realm reborn attract players from around the world a total of more than six million – the figures do not include those in the free trial registration.

This milestone can be said to be in a better time, Square Enix today also released 3.35 patch along the campaign will be announced free Log July 25 to August 30 – providing all the players up to 5 free time to explore the palace all day in the dead of new content.

The event will be free to log in and have no effect accounts more than 30 days of purchase time of all registered players. Those active subscription unfortunately miss, but the player in the game world is extra must provide their own opportunities.

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Prepare To Devour The Depths In New ArcheAge Update


Trion Worlds today released the latest update for the increasingly popular sandbox inspired MMORPG ArcheAge, titled Devouring Depths, bringing with it a wealth of new content to the game including the massive Leviathan. Elements of the Devouring Depths that’s exciting most of the fans is the introduction of this huge new beast that arrives as a new daily event that will see dozens of players combine forces to launch giant crossbow bolts as the deadly beast.

The event is already underway and is scheduled to run through until July 7th with potential rewards scaling up towards 2 Legendary Leviathan items while Patrons can earn additional rewards with another daily event giving Three Loyalty Tokens every hour for logged in play.

Another exciting opportunity will present itself to those skilled enough to defeat the legendary Leviathan as the huge corpse will remain for a limited time, offering players the chance to tow its giant body to Diamond Shore before hoisting it on the great fishing crane at the Ayanad Library.


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