GTARCADE company announced a new browser ARPG MAGEREALM

Jorum Balnir grunted in amusement. “doubt you’d feel that way if something the size of this foal was coming out of you, lad.”

If you are looking for in your browser ARPG play a free-to-play, will not have too much choice. GTArcade and Youzu Interactive looking to change this situation, increase Magerealm, which will enter closed beta on June 4.

Magerealm teaser website has information on several segments: two four classes (realmguard and caster) and a short list of features, it hit all the common elements, such as the powerful skills, challenging dungeon preview, and a lot of loot. This is ARPG, after all.

What’s that? You do not just want to repeat the hack slash loot? Well, we already have some knowledge for you, too:

As an elite MAGE MAGIC Commission sent to find the 7 legendary artifacts to save the world and defeat the evil Demon Lord, players can control the revelation to the epic war monuments. Along the way, you’ll discover the secret encounter enemies and find allies when you least expect it.

Yes, this is the same Youzu / GTArcade, make Angel Coalition; thought it was worth it. However, if you really Magerealm sound will be checked out?

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