Mysterious world creepy new video teaser updated

Funcom is pleased to provide quick and decisive eerie glimpse of the players can look forward to “The Secret World” seventh major content update what to expect next week’s finally hit live servers. “Question 7: Dream kill” is a comprehensive set of updated with the latest installment, which greatly expanded the story, content and functionality of Funcom’s unique modern massively multiplayer online game set, and players around this time to live secret agent fantasy, Transylvania because they explore new and dynamic storyline.

Snowmobile chase, flamethrowers, werewolves and more – ‘Issue # 7: Dream kill “the desired direction, we must seize the surprise fans of the genre MMO experience!

“The last question has a clear feeling of Indiana Jones, if I was something more similar issue # 7, I could draw parallels to James Bond and similar spy thriller,” Joel Bylos, at Funcom creative director, says the company. “From the top to the middle of a train to compete in New York’s Times Square skyscraper-sized monsters;” Mysterious World “has become synonymous with fresh, new and unexpected.” A Dream kill “is no exception, in fact, I think the players will have even more amazed than ever! ”

Embed a high-definition version of the trailer video directly from Funcom’s YouTube channel.

This week, “The Secret World” also celebrates its first anniversary, Mr. Bylos has to send a letter, he spoke of this important milestone, issue # 7 update, and briefly touched on what is coming in the future Social updates. The letter also contains a unique story comic, let another glimpse issue # 7, which players can expect in terms of the story.

“Mysterious World” is currently the highest ranking on the publishing game. It does not require a subscription to play and membership is optional. For more information about the “mysterious world”, please visit.

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