Alfhein story-line, three-dimensional micro-client-based MMORPG

And he had just watched the future king of Lordaeron pretend to fight orcs and throw his sword clear across the room. Arthas felt his whole body break out in a sweat, and he knew his cheeks were pink. He tried to recover.

Society is an important team work system, gathering strength for the players and monsters Alfhein legend fighting games in 3D micro-client-based MMORPG exclusive light Media Group Limited, is a way to make one of the skills of players to strengthen. More powerful guilds often represent their members more power. It is a symbol of honor.
Association of Building:
This is the most important part of the Association. If you build a guild base, you will get a level the guild city. For the important work of each member it is to join hands with the level of the more stuff construction and development associations.

Guild function:
Association provides a channel for you to communicate with your friends, improve the individual level; you will perform different tasks, and joined a variety of activities in guild base. Bringing profit associations and improve personal skills at the same time. Society is a big family, different levels of players will perform different tasks, in the council, which will help add more fun for the development of the Association.

Guild play:
Who likes fighting players can get different tasks and fighting monsters in the guild base. You can join the battlefield, with the enemy, but to improve the performance of combat. If you like the flat in a peaceful way like me (I swear to God, my ultimate dream is for world peace), you can follow the chain task or escort duties or four elements to participate in daily tasks, like farms and fisheries. You can also enjoy free time to chat with players and planted trees in the guild base. Summon blessing bear assist battle to get EXP advantage is a good choice as well.
Believe me; you do not want to miss the adventure full of mystery, and have the opportunity to multiculturalism, to meet friends in Carlisle guild land!

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