Still lots to do for us casuals

I see more and more people who stop logging in or even unsubscribe, claiming there is nothing for them to do.

I can see that, if you play a lot. There is no game that can keep up with content for players who spend hours gaming almost every day. However, for us casuals, there’s still a long list of things yet to be cracked.

I am full-blown casual now. My available game time has dropped to only a few hours per week. I set aside two nights to raid, but we only have enough guildies to raid about 50% of the time. Even with OpenRaid we usually find ourselves short of tanks or healers. On off-nights I get to log in about 1 out of 3 evenings, and then only for an hour or two. Its enough to keep up with Garrisons and do some crafting/auctioning, and that’s it.

On my to do list:

finish normal mode Highmaul. My guild is still at Ko’ragh. Raiding one night a week, and that with an inconsistent raid team, does not make for quick progress.
do normal mode Blackrock Foundry.
continue the legendary questline. I’m still collecting Abrogator Stones, so I’ve got a way to go before I’m caught up
Pet Battles – I have not yet unlocked my Level 3 Menagerie
Fishing – I have not yet unlocked my Level 3 Fishing Shack
Archaeology – have yet to touch this so far this expansion
Old raids – I intend on running old raids, specifically to get pet drops
Toys – this is a collection I’d like to work on
New in 6.1 – Jukebox. I think this is neat, from a collectors point of view, and I’d like to track down the available music patterns
With the amount of time I play, this is probably a good 6 months or more worth of content. I’m up to my ears in things to do. I’m swamped. I hope they delay future patches so I don’t get further behind. I know that’s not a popular opinion among the more time-rich players, but I speak only on behalf of myself.

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