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Different in the challenge of wildstar

An optional wildstar to accept the challenge, their own way in the world. These challenges the enemy’s quantity is different, a project to purchase a certain number, or perform other tasks of the game. When the game player challenge, challenge game player must be in before the end of time. The players of the team, challenge the bonus material, dye, furniture or other objects.
Sovereignty challenge
Some of the challenges, chose the district government in three aspects: the challenge of a murder venomite spider, other causes of troops and other crushed egg ara n a.tres people in levian Bay, game player kill eldan structure, skeech, shellfish collected seaspine pearl. 12 ellevar challenge current through the swimming Lake larallen, combustion bomb in Web forest, careful clock at the lightreach civilian. Compared with the few sovereign challenge, exile challenge, may well end up increasing faction developers rule more challenges in order to keep the balance. The number of challenges, necklace, however, provide varieties, interesting world exploration.
Compared with the enormous challenges the rule of existing school. Select desaf os.hay in exile stars included kill biological barkblight forest and other collection flitterflies three challenges. Is the elimination of rootbrutes in northern desert players, xenobite eggs and challenges, skeech. Most people in algoroc and the central region, a total of 44 challenges for two position player conquest between. These challenges require the actors to do Liang Cun lolli licking a lollipop hijunja cups of tea in the navigation safety in the treetop store tea and biscuits are very careful, do not touch the olin. The five challenge was found in the thayd, emphasizing the development of dancers dan. Finally, in the two major challenges to the south, the player for the Red Army to cross the flight whimfibers to kill. In general, sent to all the range of problems the player time very busy.

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